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Cătălin Plăcintă

I like definite, logical and concise solutions.

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Alina Savu

I don’t judge books by their covers and people by their sole mistakes.

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Dana Volosevici

I believe in the rule of law and its capacity to make a change in our society.

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Roxana Domnica

I graduated from the Law School of the University of Bucharest.

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George Scarlat

I believe justice and fairness must govern all lawyers’ activities, both in litigation and in legal assistance.

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All the Romanian employers are obliged to initiate collective bargaining starting on Monday, November 20


By the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 79/2017, the Romanian Government implemented the measure of transferring most social contributions from the employers to the employees. Thus, starting 1st of January 2018, the number of social contributions will drop from 6 to 3, their total value will…

Negocieri colective pentru toți angajatorii din România, începând de luni, 20 noiembrie 2017


Conform Ordonanței de urgență a Guvernului nr. 82/2017 privind modificarea și completarea unor acte normative, toți angajatorii sunt obligați să inițieze, în perioada 20 noiembrie – 20 decembrie 2017, negocieri colective, „pentru punerea în aplicare a prevederilor OUG 79/2017”. Guvernul a transferat către angajatori și…